Recovery Begins with Day One

Put simply, our mission is life without mind altering substances.  We believe that every recovery will look different depending on the individual.  We started in 2016 with the idea that together we can create loving and effective plans for helping those who suffer from addiction. Our hope is that we can help you get started on the path to life!


Meet The Team

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Dave Ford

Dave has been working on the front lines of substance abuse and mental health care for the last 5 years here in Northern California, diligently helping clients and families on their path to recovery. He is a Certified ARISE® Interventionist (CAI) and Certified Substance Use Disorder Counselor (SUDRC). Dave has worked in a medical detox settings, co-owns and runs a local sober living business, and specializes in working with entire family systems for long durations of time. The love he has for the work that he does has a profound effect on the clients that he works with. Dave is a true leader and man of integrity within the local recovery community.


Kayley has a Bachelor of Communication from Boston College and a Master of Education from the University of Nevada, Reno. She is involved with spreading the message of recovery to Marin County’s youth through her work as High School Outreach Coordinator for PI/CPC (Public Information and Cooperation with Professional Communities).  On a more personal level, Kayley is an active member of the Clean & Sober Softball community, where men and women in recovery support each other on and off the field. 


Kayley Jones


Kira Anderson

Kira has a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology with emphases on Neuroscience and Physiology from the University of California, Davis. Kira's coursework focused primarily on the neurobiology of addiction and mental health conditions. As an Admissions Counselor in a residential treatment center in Northern California, Kira supported clients and their families through the treatment process, and built a foundation for her continued work in the field of recovery.




The greatest gift that you can give yourself is taking the first step towards recovery. We understand the challenges that come with sobriety and we are ready to help you take the necessary steps towards a bright future. Let us walk with you.



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Sober Transportation

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Day One Recovery offers safe and reliable transportation to and from inpatient treatment facilities, detox centers, hospitals, and aftercare programs.

All transports are conducted by trained recovery companions with the experience and professionalism necessary to ensure safe passage to the next step on the road to recovery. 


Day One regularly provides transportation services for several treatment centers in Northern California– including, Living at Reflections Luxury Rehab, Golden Gate Recovery Center, Bayside Marin, Duffy’s Napa Valley Treatment, and other regional Acadia Healthcare programs. 

Recovery Companion

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Recovery companions can provide the necessary one-on-one support that allows an individual to continue with their day-to-day life while also being engaged with an individualized program of recovery. 

Working with a recovery companion can be a singular event or long term– whenever extra support, encouragement, and accountability may be needed. Common examples of events where recovery companions can be of service include:

➣Weddings, birthdays, etc.

➣Conferences and work events

➣Packing and/or moving


Recovery Coaching

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Recovery coaching provides structure and accountability through one-on-one sessions and customizable treatment planning, including:


➣Collaboration with existing clinical providers and support network 

➣Regular drug and/or alcohol testing

➣Assistance with time management and necessary life skills

 ➣Introduction to S.M.A.R.T. goals and mindfulness practices

➣Introduction to peer-support organizations such as AA/NA


Day One works in conjunction with Pobal’s Ascent Recovery Program–a 9-week intensive virtual course created to support clients in their recovery through education on addiction.  

Learn more about Pobal



Dave Ford, the founder and owner of Day One Recovery, is a Certified ARISE® Interventionist (CAI) with extensive training in all methods of intervention.


By utilizing the ARISE® protocol, Dave aims to facilitate the family’s natural ability to harness the inherent intergeneration strength they possess. This protocol promotes healing and recovery by establishing new patterns of healthy living. 


Learn more about ARISE® Invitational Intervention

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Day One - Ascent Recovery Program

The Ascent Recovery Program offers on-demand addiction recovery courses uniquely designed to educate practitioners and clients on the psychological, biological, and social dimensions of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) to promote treatment, recovery, and healing.

Courses include: The Basics of Neurobiology and Addiction, The Disease Model of Addiction, Life Beyond Addiction, and more.

Work Desk
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ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Invitational Intervention®

What is ARISE


➣Evidence-Based, Best Practice

➣A clinically-based, manual-driven used by our Certified ARISE® Interventioinists (CAIs) to ensure best results

➣A carefully monitored continuum of care

An effective method proven in a NIDA study and related in several real world studies, including SSTAR:

     ➣83% of individuals entered treatment within 3 weeks

     ➣61% were sober at 1 year with additional 10% improved

     ➣The most significant predictor variable was that the more members of the support system

          involved dictated a better outcome

     ➣In an informal follow up, 96% were in treatment at 6 months

Landau, et. al., 2004; SSTAR, 2006.

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ARISE® is successful because:

➣The Intervention Network of family, friends, and colleagues remains unbolted in collaboration with the Certified ARISE Interventionist (CAI) and the treatment center throughout the intervention, treatment, and into early, stable recovery

➣ARISE relies on the inherent strength, motivation, and resilience of the family

➣The focus is on the the individual AND family recovery and healing for the long term

Fernandez, Begley, & Marlatt, 2006

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