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Intervention &  
Family Services

Dave Ford, the founder and owner of Day One Recovery, is a Certified ARISE® Interventionist (CAI) with extensive training in all methods of intervention.


By utilizing the ARISE® protocol, Dave aims to uncover the inherent intergenerational strength the family possesses. This protocol promotes healing and recovery by establishing new patterns of healthy living. 

The first call

Our initial call is used to gather important information about you, your loved one, and what prompted you to reach out. We will go over your family history and obtain relevant information about your loved one's physical and mental health status. During the fist call, we will also begin to construct a family genogram as well as consider who else in the family or support network can join us in this process.


The first family session

After our first call, it's time for some preparation. During this first session that typically takes place over videoconference, we will more thoroughly retrace past events and delve more deeply into the family history. Most importantly, I will walk you through taking the next step of reaching out to your loved one and inviting them to join our upcoming first meeting. 


The first meeting 

Should your loved one attend this meeting, we will acknowledge the courage it took for them to make this first step. At this meeting we begin by setting ground rules and boundaries to ensure the safety of all parties. With love, respect, and kindness we  will deliver our requests for treatment. If your loved one agrees, 


Comprehensive care

Continuing care is a vital part of family recovery. Our comprehensive care meetings are where we continue the work we began from the very first call. As a network we navigate the recovery journey together and take the time to check in with every member of the support network. Some topics we cover during these weekly meetings are discharge and reintegration planning, dealing with unresolved grief, cleaning up wreckage from the past, and handling issues one day at a time. 

Image by Al Benoit
Image by Al Benoit

"What if it doesn't work?"

"What if we do all of this, and my loved one still won't go to treatment?"

This worry is normal and we are here to support you through this entire process. Intervention is not a singular event. It is our goal for your loved one to become engaged in treatment at the first meeting, but this is not always the case. Our protocol plans for this, and we have effective steps for forward moving progress 

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